Outdoor Skating Rinks

City of Chaska outdoor rinks are closed for the 2023 season. 

Lions Park - Closed for the Season

  • Outdoor skating rink located at 550 Ravoux Road
  • Parking available along Ravoux Road

Community Park - Closed for the Season

  • Lighted outdoor skating rink located at 1151 Hundertmark Road
  • Parking available in south Clover Ridge Elementary School parking lot
  • Lights turn off at 10pm.

Firemen's Park - Closed for the Season

  • An outdoor skating loop located on Clayhole Lake at Fireman’s Park, 3210 Chaska Blvd, near the stage area
  • Ice conditions on the lake fluctuate day to day
  • Use caution and skate or walk on the ice at your own risk. Ice conditions at outdoor on a lake can be different than on outdoor rinks 

Outdoor Skating Rink Rules  

  1. No smoking, chewing tobacco, or use of drugs/alcohol at the outdoor rinks.  
  2. Hockey players must be respectful of leisure skaters. Share the ice!  
  3. Sleds, bicycles, etc, are not allowed in the skating areas.  
  4. No unauthorized motor vehicles or snowmobiles are allowed in the skating areas.   
  5. No roughhousing (fighting, throwing snowballs, etc.) or dangerous games are allowed in the skating area.
  6. No foul or abusive language or bullying.
  7. Skaters are to wear ice skates on ice or on pathways to skating area. Ice skates are not to be worn on the board walk area at Fireman’s Park. Patrons may wear tennis shoes, or boots on the ice at the outdoor rinks.  
  8. Skate training aids, chairs, or buckets are allowed on the outdoor skating rinks.   

The City of Chaska may add rules for the safety and enjoyment for skaters and patrons at any time.