I just moved to Chaska. What should I do?

The City of Chaska provides the electric, sewer, water, and storm water utility services. 

Call the City of Chaska Utility Billing Department at 952-448-9200 to apply for service. You can also go to Chaska City Hall (One City Hall Plaza, Chaska, MN 55318), and a customer service representative located at the first floor windows will assist you. You will need to complete a Contract for Utilities. 

If you are a renter, you must complete one of these service requirements:

  • Pay a utility deposit equal to two times the average monthly utility bill (Utility Deposit Amounts for Rental Complexes)
  • Or provide a letter of credit from a current utility company showing no more than one delinquent payment during the past 12 months

It is important that you contact Utility Billing at 952-448-9200 prior to moving in or out so that a meter reading can be scheduled. At least one-day advance notice is required to schedule meter readings. 

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1. I just moved to Chaska. What should I do?
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