Construction Projects

  1. Audubon Road Median Installation
  • Project basics: A median will be installed on Audubon Road.
  • Lead agency: Developer under a Carver County permit
  • Impact: Audubon Road will be closed between Autumn Woods Drive and Butternut Drive from May 1 to May 9. 
  • Questions? Contact Chad Braun at Carver County Public Works at 952-466-5200
  1. Bavaria Rd/Pioneer Trail Roundabout Resurfacing
  1. Chaska Streets Resurfacing
  1. Downtown Hwy 41
  1. Engler Blvd Resurfacing
  1. Hwy 41 Resurfacing
  1. Hwy 41/10
  1. Hwy 101 Resurfacing
  1. Hwy 212 - Benton Township
  1. Peavey Roundabout
  1. Powers Blvd Resurfacing
  1. Shakopee Hwy 41 intersection improvements

2023 Construction Projects Map

Click on the map for a closer view, or you can download a PDF copy of the map

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