Future of City Facilities


During a Strategic Planning Session in 2021, the City Council identified 6 strategic visions for the future. One of those strategic visions is "In 2025, Chaska has quality facilities." 

As a part of that vision, the Council and Department Heads developed the following direction: "Reinvesting in core assets so that facilities are adequate to meet the growth of the community and reflect community pride."

What facilities?

  • Municipal Services Building (MSB)
  • Police Station and Fire Station
  • City Hall

Why now?

  • City Hall, Police Station, and Municipal Services Building are all over 30 years old
    • Not many improvements made to the buildings during that time
    • Need to reinvest now before building conditions get worse and maintenance costs go up
  • Space needs study done in 2017 showed that city departments need more space to accommodate staff and equipment that provide city services
  • Chaska is still growing. There has been increase of 17,000 residents over the lifespan of these facilities, and we need to build to accommodate current and future growth
  • Fund future maintenance needs
  • Fund new library building
  1. Municipal Services Building

Current Picture

Site plan of existing Municipal Services Building

Area NameColor on mapSquare footage (SF)
1. Main BuildingRed (building)36,218 SF
2. Cold StorageRed (building)11,900 SF
3. Earthwork StorageBlack circle (site storage)23,200 SF

Who works here?

  • Public Works Department (streets, parks, building maintenance, mechanics, storm sewer)
  • Electric Department
  • Water & Sewer Department
When built in 1986Today
22 employees47 employees
22 pieces of equipment87 pieces of equipment
11 bays in building 18 bays in building
58 miles of streets101 miles of streets
20 miles of trails70 miles of trails
1,945 utility customers7,500 utility customers

Take a virtual tour of MSB

Looking to the future

Site sketch of what Municipal Services Building could look like in the future

Area NameColor on mapSquare footage (SF)
1. Main BuildingRed (existing building) & Aqua (new building)108,000 SF
2. Cold Storage
Aqua (new building)
25,000 SF
3. Earthwork Storage
Dotted black outline (site storage)
30,200 SF
4. Fuel Island
Solid black outline
1,500 SF
5. Mechanics Bay
Aqua (new building)
8,000 SF
6. Wash Bay
Aqua (new building)
2,800 SF

Our objectives

  • Maximize use of current buildable site
  • Keep Water & Sewer, Public Works, and Electric Departments together
  • Improve efficiencies in how we provide city services
  • Focus on employee wellness

What this sketch brings to the table

  • No property acquisition
  • Share resources (staff and equipment) between departments
  • Expanded indoor storage
    • Keeps vehicles running longer
    • Improves the organization of equipment and supplies
    • More room for mechanics to work
    • More secure
  • Dedicated space for locker rooms, break areas, and meeting rooms
  1. Public Safety Campus
  1. City Hall
  1. Funding the Facilities
  1. Request for proposal