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Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers have the option to save on charging costs if charging in off peak hours. This pricing plan requires the installation of a separate paralleled meter service by a certified electrician.

Go to the Electric Rates page to view the residential on and off peak electric vehicle rates.

Steps to install an electric vehicle charger

Responsibilities of homeowner, electrician, inspector, and city of chaska for installation

Installation options for contractors

The meter diagrams provide a visual guide for how the additional meter may connect to your current service. We recommend working with your electrician to connect in a way that makes sense for your location.

Option 1: Duplex Overhead or Underground
Option 2: Underground
Electric Car Charger Installation Diagram option 2 underground service

Option 3: Overhead
Electric Car Charger Installation Diagram option 3 overhead service

Download a PDF of all 3 options.

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