Community Information


The City of Chaska Police Department recognizes the vital importance of trust between the community and police department, which serves as the foundation of law enforcement legitimacy and authority. We value the partnerships, communication, and collaborative efforts with every member of our community in the furtherance of our public safety mission.

On Monday, May 25, 2020, George Floyd’s life tragically ended in a horrific manner. Since this time, a nationwide conversation has renewed regarding policing; specifically focusing on police operations, training, policy, and other topics. This conversation has called for significant police reform and emphasized the need for detailed analysis of police training and procedures.

More important today than ever before, police agencies must engage with their communities and work collaboratively to review existing procedures and policies. The Chaska Police Department (CPD) continues to embrace effective communication and working partnerships with everyone in our community. I hope that the community information and analysis contained within this report reiterates our pledge to work alongside our community and identify ways in which we can improve public safety services in our community, while strengthening existing partnerships.


Contained within this report is a detailed analysis of select departmental procedures, policies, and training. Areas of focus include:

  • Use of Force policy and training
  • Body Worn Camera (BWC) policy and procedures
  • Citizen Complaint policy and procedures
  • Impartial Policing policy and procedures
  • Chaska Police Rules of Conduct policy

Each area of policy focus will include a synopsis of the current policy, along with highlighted strengths of each existing policy. Areas for potential change will also be identified with each existing policy. Addendums will be included to allow for review of each mentioned CPD policy along with the current Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) model policies, when applicable. 

Process at a Glance

This report and ensuing process of community feedback is the first step in our commitment to working with everyone in our city to address concerns and enhancing your understanding of our current operations. This first step will be part of a broader effort that includes:

  • Analyzing current policies and operations
    • Internally
    • Community feedback and involvement
    • State-level discussions & analysis
  • Identify areas for change
    • Internally
    • Based upon community feedback
    • Resource analysis
    • Legislative or POST Board mandates
  • Implement Change
    • Policy & procedure
    • Staff training & resources
    • Community updates
  • On-Going analysis and community partnerships