City Square West


In December of 2017, the City Council appointed a Task Force to develop a concept plan for City Square West, which is located on Block 27 in Historic Downtown Chaska. 

The Task Force developed the framework for the block redevelopment. They wanted to add more economic value downtown through a mix of residential, retail and a paseo/plaza space. The paseo/plaza would be built for community activities and create visual connections with surrounding downtown blocks.  

City Square West Next Steps

At its February 3rd meeting, the Chaska Economic Development Authority (EDA) authorized City staff to pursue the following actions:


The relocation of the Chaska Library was originally included in the redevelopment of City Square West. During the planning process, it was determined that the library would be better suited at a different site. 

Currently, the Chaska License Center and the eastern part of the Guardian Angels School block are potential library relocation sites.