Strategic Plan

The City Council meets annually with City staff to discuss the current state of the City and the strategic direction that would guide city initiatives in the future. 

The current strategic plan identifies six visionary outcomes that look ahead to 2025. Below is a summary of the vision and initiatives. To view the full plan, download the City of Chaska 2025 Strategic Plan (PDF).

 City of Chaska Vision for 2025

  • In 2025, Chaska has a vibrant downtown
  • In 2025, Chaska is a welcoming, respectful, engaging and inclusive community
  • In 2025, Southwest Chaska is actively developing
  • In 2025, Chaska has quality City facilities
  • In 2025, Chaska has quality City services
  • In 2025, Chaska is an environmentally conscious city

City Strategic Directions for 2025

Driving Community Engagement

  • Initiatives
    • Have dedicated staff who can drive community engagement
    • Bring new ways of communicating to reach more community members

Reinvesting in Core Assets

  • Initiatives
    • Ensuring the City can recruit and retain a quality, diverse workforce
    • There is funding necessary to ensure quality services
    • Facilities are adequate to meet growth and reflect community pride

Implementing Established Plan for Growth

  • Initiatives
    • Development of City Square West is underway
    • Critical infrastructure is being extended into the industrial area for further growth
    • New library and license center is ready for construction
    • Community Park is planned

Celebrate Diversity

  • Initiatives
    • Further develop recruiting initiatives to hire a diverse workforce
    • Expand communication efforts to reach as many residents as possible
    • Expand community celebrations to reflect the growing culture footprint of Chaska