Storefront/Sign Improvement Program

City of Chaska Storefront Improvement Program

The City of Chaska administers two programs to encourage and assist with restorations of downtown historic building storefronts. Assistance is to encourage investment in historic buildings and contributions to the historic nature of Downtown Chaska that may not normally occur. The Storefront Improvement Program is available to any business that is located within Chaska’s Downtown Business District.

Matching Grant for Signs/Awnings
The Chaska EDA, with funding support from the Downtown Chaska Special Services District, is offering matching grants of up to $2,500 for new signs and awnings. Requests are evaluated on the degree to which signage and/or awnings honor the historic nature of downtown while strengthening the visibility of retail services. Applicants are encouraged to indicate interest in the program when applying for their sign permit.

The Storefront Rehabilitation Loan Program
The Chaska EDA offers low-interest loans of up to $50,000 for larger storefront rehabilitation projects with $500 architectural grant to assist with rehab plans. Applicants are encouraged to meet with staff early in their process to coordinate their application.