Water and Sewer

Water Main Flushing

Water main flushing starts Monday, April 10!

View the Chaska Hydrant Flushing Map to see when the Water Department will be in your neighborhood. Click on the sections of the map to see if flushing has been completed.

Flushing water mains helps maintain water quality and prevent sediment buildup in the pipes. Crews also inspect the fire hydrants.

If you notice air in your water lines or discoloration in your water, open up a cold tap closest to your water meter (typically in a mechanical room), and allow water to run for 5-15 minutes. While discolored water is OK to drink, wait to do laundry until the discoloration is gone. 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Water Department at 952-448-4335.

Chaska water tower

The Chaska Water & Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the City's drinking water system and sanitary sewer collection system.